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Lemontree Mudhouse

Lemontree Mudhouse is situated at the outskirts of Pune City (68kms) on a beautiful hillock surrounded by the backwaters of Yelwanti river, in full views of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary & Sahyadri Mountain Ranges (Western Ghats).

It has a uniquely designed Mud house, Mud Bed, Mud Sofa, Mud Kitchen, Meditation Cave and Mund (Tribal Hut).

It is fully secured campus in the midst of nature, lake, mountains and historical fort. Its tranquil ambiance is an ideal location for travellers, backpackers, wildlife enthusiasts and meditation seekers who wish to venture deeper into spiritual awakening.

Best for Writers, Painters and Musicians looking for a retreat.

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Sky Gazing

When you have a canopy of stars overhead and the company of friends below, sky gazing can be a wonderful experience. And at Lemon Tree Farms its one to cherish for a lifetime! There’s something magical about a night sky in the countryside.


A great opportunity to show the kids what it’s like to live as a farmer does. Pure. Unsullied. Deeply connected with the earth. Rich in fauna, the farm has Mango, guava, Jackfruit, Papaya, (please add more names here), Pluck your own fresh vegetables, cook and eat!


The wind in your hair. The feeling of freedom. Grab a bicycle and go for a ride in the countryside. Pedal past sleepy hamlets or just follow the lazy, meandering lanes around the farm. Top it up with a refreshing dip in the lake.


The gentle gliding of the boat. The soothing sound of the oars caressing the water. A boat ride along the backwaters of the Bhatghar Dam is a tonic for the city soul. Try it with someone you love. Don’t forget your fishing tackle!


Had enough of adventure for the day? Go for an invigorating dip in the welcoming waters of the lake. It is sure to stir your senses like never before and fire up your appetite too! Swimming gear optional!


Fancy a bit of peace and quiet? There are plenty of cozy nooks and corners at Lemon Tree farms for you to unwind with a book. Don’t be surprised if inspiration strikes you and you end up writing your own bestseller!

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About Lemontree Farm

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time and be a child again? Carefree as the wind? Curious to explore and learn more? At Lemon Tree farms one can return to a simple way of life. Connect with earth, water and air.

Be happy. Be alive! 

Lemontree Farm amenities

Entire home

Entire home



Mud Sofa

Mud Sofa

Mud Bed

Mud Bed

campaigning Tents

campaigning Tents

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