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Dream – Design – Construct.


LemonTree helps you to build your dream Earth house by surveying your location, eco-system of the surrounding and locally available material.

LemonTree gives you the guidance about the types of houses as well as innovative and sustainable designs to help you in constructing your own EARTH HOUSE.

Many dream to build their own home but not everyone is brave enough starting from scratch can be exhausting and can drain a lot of money. By stepping outside the box and using natural method anyone can afford to build their own home out of sustainable materials. Houses like Earth house, Bamboo huts, Kuds House to name few utilize surrounding terrain or other natural elements such as mud,bamboo, wood, grass and clay to create a space with a negligible environmental impact.It can be found only near countryside as it’s easy to build into hilly terrain, as conventional houses, which would require flat land. It is made up of renewable resources without disturbing the Eco system and precious rainforest’s.

If you’re here for a more affordable and sustainable home, look no further than these houses. For anyone who is interested in building their own earth home or Bamboo hut, yet doesn’t know where to start, the guidance of LemonTree Farms might come in handy.


The Earth House is a private and seductive retreat made up of mud usually mixed with straw, clay and other materials for sustainability and it needs less maintenance. The roof is made up of roof tiles and is a bit slanted.One of the main ecological benefits of earth-house architecture lies in its natural insulation. The unique architecture cools the house down in summer and keeps it warm in winter. It protects them against severe windstorms.Furthermore, the house cannot be torn away or tipped over by strong winds. The experience of living in a mud house is like no other as you can get an authentic rural experience. Want to build a livable house? Go for an Earth house! We are here to consult you on construction and design.


Just as the name goes, the bamboo cottages are plain and simple. The exquisite bamboo cottages are built using bamboo rafters, mud plaster and matted cane ceilings. One of the main advantages of building with bamboo is that it is a wonderful, natural and renewable resource, capable of rapid growth that can avoid future deforestation of our tropical rainforests. They give you an opportunity to live with nature.

Bamboo cottage gives you an experience of living like one of the locals. Bamboo can be utilized for permanent and for temporary constructions. It also offers superior earthquake-resistance. Build one and experience tranquil in abundance.


Kud house is often seen near countryside. It is usually made up of cotton balls mixed with mud. It is then rolled up in a circular form covering the house during monsoons. It is preferred over cement houses because materials are readily available and relatively cheap. The material used generally lasts for many decades. The cost of repairing and labor is minimal. It even helps to maintain fairly even temperatures inside the house.Kud houses are a worthwhile building solution using alternative materials that will save your money, save a tree and are generally environmentally friendly


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