Forest Fresh : Lemontree Mudhouse | Experience Local Forest Fresh Cuisine


  • Delectable Cashew Curry
  • Succulent Baigan ka Bharata with Baby Bhakri
  • Earthen Bread the way it should be
  • Delightful Jamun Juice
  • Rich Lemongrass tea
  • Tangy Karwand pickle
  • Delicious Kheer made from Farm Grown Cashews


Eating fresh food, fresh vegetable, in natural escape stimulating sensible healthy diet is the easiest thing one can gift to their soul and body. Lemontree Mudhouse lets you soak in the natural ingredients fresh from their farms. You can pick it on your own, experiencing the core village life and cook it fresh!.

With the vast kitchen farm that the premises have, the dwellers get an opportunity to experience the purity of nature and devour the best taste.

Cashews, Pineapples, bananas, Jamun, Guava, Amla, Lemon Grass Tea, Sweet Potatoes and many more farm fresh organic vegetables stimulates the heart and taste buds to gorge on through cooking or uncooked. Pluck it and have it is what we promote.

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