About us

"Free as the breeze,

far from the city's squeeze, innocent as a child,

tucked away from a world gone wild, the heart longed to be free,

so the Earth gifted us Lemontree...!"

Lemontree farms

Lemontree Farms is situated at the outskirts of Pune City (68kms) on a beautiful hillock surrounded by the backwaters of Yelwanti river, in full views of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary & Sahyadri Mountain Ranges (Western Ghats).

It has a uniquely designed Mud house, Mud Bed, Mud Sofa, Mud Kitchen, Meditation Cave and Mind (Tribal Hut).

It is fully secured campus in the midst of nature, lake, mountains and historical fort. Its tranquil ambiance is an ideal location for travellers, backpackers, wildlife enthusiasts and meditation seekers who wish to venture deeper into spiritual awakening. Best for Writers, Painters and Musicians looking for a retreat.