Free as the breeze, far from the city's squeeze, innocent as a child, tucked away from a world gone wild,
the heart longed to be free, so the Earth gifted us Lemontree!

Wouldn't it be nice to go back in time and be a child again? Carefree as the wind?Curious to explore and learn more? At Lemon Tree farms one can return to a simple way of life. Connect with earth, water and air. Be happy. Be alive! Each moment of every waking minute.

There's so much to do at the farm. Cycling, trekking, boating, swimming, star-gazing, camping, farming, barbecues, bonfires....there's even a mud-house to experience real countryside living. And it's all yours to enjoy after just a short drive from the city!

Our Activities

Sky Gazing

When you have a canopy of stars overhead and the company of friends below, sky gazing...

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A great opportunity to show the kids what it's like to live as a farmer does. Pure, Unsullied, Deeply...

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The wind in your hair. The feeling of freedom. Grab a bicycle and go for a ride in the countryside.

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Fancy a bit of peace and quiet? There are plenty of cozy nooks and corners at Lemon Tree farms...

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An early morning trek to Rajgarh fort is as exhilarating as it is rewarding. The views from the top are majestic!

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The gentle gliding of the boat. The soothing sound of the oars caressing the water.

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Had enough of adventure for the day? Go for an invigorating dip in the welcoming waters of the lake.

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Ms. Breeze

I am a regular visitor at Lemon Tree farms. I like to wander around...

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Mr. Cashew

I am Mr.Cashew. I like to hang around Lemon Tree Farms.In fact, I like this place...

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Ms. Dewdrop

You will often find me at Lemon Tree farms. I spend hours just relaxing there....

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Mr. Firefly

You might have seen me at the farm. I come there with my friends and ...

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